Astronaut Life as a Scientist
and Engineer in Space
Hbk: 978-1-910549-87-2
eBook: 978-1-910549-88-9

Asteroid Hunters
Hbk: 978-1-910549-36-0
eBook: 978-1-910549-37-7

Ceating Visual Effects for
Movies as a CGI Artist
Hbk: 978-1-910549-89-6
eBook: 978-1-910549-90-2

Exploring Distant Worlds as a
Space Robot Engineer
Hbk: 978-1-910549-38-4
eBook: 978-1-910549-39-1

Inventors Designing and
Creating Tomorrow's World
Hbk: 978-1-910549-91-9
eBook: 978-1-910549-92-6

The Wild World of a Zoo Vet
Hbk: 978-1-910549-34-6
eBook: 978-1-910549-35-3

Master Blaster Working with
Explosives in Demolition
and Construction
Hbk: 978-1-910549-93-3
eBook: 978-1-910549-94-0

The Wonderful Worlds of a
Video Game Designer
Hbk: 978-1-910549-32-2
eBook: 978-1-910549-33-9

Get to Work with Science and Technology
is a fascinating new narrative nonfiction series that introduces readers to the real-world applications of STEM subjects.

From analyzing data, to using tools and technology, readers will be excited to see how real-life scientists and engineers solve problems every day using the same scientific techniques that students study and use in the classroom.

'Get to Work with Science and Technology' Book Reviews

"Gr 3-6–Firsthand accounts from professionals in the field, dramatic situations that require problem-solving, and fascinating facts are at the heart of this engrossing series. These high-interest occupations will appeal to a wide audience, especially those students interested in pursuing a STEM-related career. Real-life scientists who use technology, analysis, and critical thinking to solve problems demonstrate on a larger scale the same techniques that students are learning in the classroom. Interesting details abound, and kids will be eager to learn more strange but true tidbits. (How do vets trim an elephant’s toenails? With saws and power sanders, of course.) Striking photos are complemented by geometric sidebars, and the white-print-on-black-background is fresh and sharp."

VERDICT Readers will flock to this fun and informational series.
Review from School Library Journal, November 2015 Edition

"Do you like to play video games? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design a video game and then have others play it successfully? Being a video game designer takes on new meaning as the book connects the job and adventures offered here through the use of real time photos and the most current science information available.

As the importance of S.T.E.M. education comes to the forefront of classrooms everywhere, it becomes increasingly necessary for teachers everywhere to bring their classroom libraries up to speed! The Get to Work with Science and Technology series of books does just that. From learning about being a veterinarian in a zoo to the engineering of a space robot, these books bring students into the world of the latest and most exciting career choices of the 21st Century!

Each book provides over 30 pages of color infused photographs and images that attract the students and draw them to the text. The boldface, current vocabulary enhances the understanding of each topic in a way that encourages students to add it to their daily conversation! Essential and compelling facts are contained throughout the book in circles that standout and remind the reader of their importance to the topic. Each book contains a kid–friendly glossary and a project idea that will allow students to take on the job being highlighted. As teachers look for new resources to focus their students on the newest and most innovative career choices, this series should be at the top of their lists!"

Reviewer: Janet Acerra, National Science Teachers Association

* Size: 254 x 203 mm
* Pages: 32
* Format:
Library Binding

* High-interest narrative nonfiction text developed by literacy experts
* Hi-Lo Reading
* Fascinating firsthand accounts of real-life events
* Exciting behind-the-scenes photographic imagery
* Diagrams, graphs and other charts
* Experiments and activities that are perfect for
science-fair projects

* CCSS Reading Standards
for informational text
* Earth and Space Sciences
* Life Sciences
Engineering Design
* Computer Science

* Hbk: $19.95
eBook: $24.95