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Meet the Busy Monsters

Meet Molly, Max, Megan, and MoThe Busy Monsters. Young readers will love joining the family of friendly monsters as they take part in familiar activities, such as going to the park, tidying up the house and planning a birthday party. This new series of fun stories from Ruby Tuesday Books has been carefully crafted to help young children learn to read.

To build reading confidence, each book combines repetitive, predictable text with high-frequency and familiar sight words. The books are illustrated with bold, quirky, collage-style artwork. Each monster story explores a different early learning concept including:

Yellow Band
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To assist educators, each title also includes a “Teaching Tips” and activities section.

Monster Max's BIG Breakfast
Monster Max's BIG Breakfast
Pbk: 978-1-78856-018-4

Monster Molly's BIG Day Out
Monster Molly's BIG Day Out
Pbk: 978-1-78856-019-1

Monster Mo's BIG Party
Monster Mo's BIG Party
Pbk: 978-1-78856-020-7

Monster Megan's BIG Tidy Up
Monster Megan's BIG Tidy Up
Pbk: 978-1-78856-021-4

* Size: 170 x 140 mm
* Pages: 24
* Format: Pbk

* Fun stories developed by literacy experts
* Quiz questions and activities
* Quirky, collage-style artwork

* Notes for teachers and parents

* Guided reading
* Early literacy

* £4.99