Each book includes box features:

* Imaginative ideas for hands-on activities
* Experiments and investigations
* Discussion topics
* Critical thinking questions

Each book gives readers the opportunity to:

* Observe and experience
* Ask questions
* Perform tests
* Use simple scientific equipment
* Use their maths knowledge
* Collect, record and analyse data
* Communicate their ideas
* Build their scientific vocabulary


This new 10-book series from Ruby Tuesday Books covers the entire programme of study for science at Key Stage 1. The series will be supported with free downloadable teacher resources.

Fascinating explanations of natural phenomena and hands-on opportunities to observe and investigate the world around them, will have readers excited and curious to do more and more science!

• High-interest, accessible text
• Brings STEM to life for young students
• Striking and beautiful images
• Close picture and text match
• Age-appropriate, informative diagrams
• High impact design

Spreads from: Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers

Growing and Changing
Growing and Changing:
All About Life Cycles
Pbk: 978-1-910549-80-3

Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution

Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution
On Land and in the Oceans

Keeping me Healthy
Keeping me Healthy:
My Body and What it Needs
Pbk: 978-1-910549-84-1

My Senses
My Senses
Pbk: 978-1-910549-83-4

What's the Season?
What's the Season?
Pbk: 978-1-910549-82-7

Habitats and Food Chains
Habitats and Food Chains
Pbk: 978-1-910549-79-7

Wings, Paws, Scales and Claws
Wings, Paws, Scales and Claws:
All About Animal Bodies
Pbk: 978-1-910549-78-0

Everyday Materials
Everyday Materials
Pbk: 978-1-910549-85-8

Is It Living or Non-living?
Is It Living or Non-living?
Pbk: 978-1-910549-81-0

From a Tiny Seed to a Mighty 
From a Tiny Seed to a Mighty
Tree: How Plants Grow
Pbk: 978-1-910549-77-3

Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers
Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers: All About Plant Parts
Pbk: 978-1-910549-76-6

FUNdamental Science Key Stage 1
10 Book Set
FUNdamental Science Key Stage 1
10 Book Set

Special Offer Price

Pbk: 978-1-910549-86-5

Fundamental Science

* Size: 280 x 210 mm
* Pages: 32
* Format: Pbk

* Non fiction text developed by literacy experts
* Accessible, fun facts that kids will love
* Beautiful full colour photos
* Packed with interactive activities and features

* Science
* Non-fiction reading

* £7.99
* 10 Book Pbk Set: £69.99