Think you know everything there is to know about Triceratops? Think again! Was a Triceratops’s giant frill patterned and multi-coloured? Did big male Triceratops fight to take control of herds? And did Triceratops ever go head to head with T. rex in a battle to the death? From digging up fossils in scorching deserts, to using the latest technology to unravel 65-million-year-old mysteries, this book explores the life of one of the most popular dinosaurs to ever walk the Earth and brings STEM to life for Key Stage 2 readers, showing just how science, maths and technology are helping us uncover the world of the dinosaurs.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-911341-78-9
  • Age Group: 7 years plus
  • Series: Prehistoric Beasts Uncovered
  • Author: Dougal Dixon
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 280 x 210mm
  • Curriculum Links: Hi-Lo reading, Non-fiction reading, Rocks and fossils, Science, STEM, Working scientifically
Key Selling Features
• Highly-realistic specially-commissioned 3D digital artwork • Written by expert dinosaur author: Dougal Dixon • High interest topic infused with STEM science • Non-fiction features including: table of contents, labels and captions, glossary and index
Series Information
Series Name: Prehistoric Beasts Uncovered  
Drawing on the latest research and most recent discoveries worldwide, this fantastic dinosaur series uncovers and explores the lives of some of the biggest, fiercest and most incredible beasts ever to live on Earth. Readers will get to indulge their love of all things dinosaur with page after page of artworks, diagrams and facts. Each book also includes a "Science in Action" section where readers can discover how palaeontologists and other scientists discovered the information featured in the book.