At Ruby Tuesday Books, our mission is simple – to publish beautiful and informative books that kids will love to read. From combatting plastic pollution, exploding bugs, rock-pooling and prehistoric sharks, to ground-breaking science-fiction for struggling readers, our books bring reading alive for kids aged 0 to 16.

Why Non-Fiction?

Ruby Tuesday is owned and run by best friends and business partners Ruth Owen and Shan White.

This year we are branching out to include fiction and baby books, but Ruby Tuesday was originally a non-fiction publisher and we’re often asked why we chose to start a non-fiction publishing company. To answer that question, we actually need to go back quite a few decades. . . .

Thank You Patty Cake

When Ruth was six years old the first book she ever chose for herself from a school bookclub magazine was a non-fiction title. The book, Gorilla Baby: The Story of Patty Cake (Pearl Wolf, Scholastic Book Services), still sits on the office bookshelf today. It has inspired a life-long love of non-fiction reading and a passion for animals, nature and science. When deciding what type of books Ruby Tuesday would publish, the choice was easy: beautiful books to help children discover that real life and facts can be every bit as exciting and engrossing as fiction!

Bring It On!

Eight years on from the start of Ruby Tuesday, we have now published more than 150 titles for children aged 0 to 16 years.

We work as a team to develop new ideas. And while we may be small, we always say that we like to punch above our weight.

Looking forward, our notebooks are stuffed with new ideas for the future, and while the past couple of years have been difficult (as they have for us all), we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Ruth & Shan Frankfurt Bookfair

Meet Ruth

Ruth Owen, author and co-owner of Ruby Tuesday Books

An Interview with Ruth Owen

In 2019, we were lucky to have 15-year-old Evie Croft join us for a week for her work experience. During that time, along with photo researching, proof-reading and reviewing our new books, Evie asked if she could interview me about the company. It was a real brain “work-out” and it was fun to stop the frantic day-to-day work on new books and think about and talk about the company I love. Thank you Evie!
(Ruth Owen)

What made you want to set up Ruby Tuesday Books?
It was almost by accident! I had been writing and producing books for other publishers and one of the US publishers I was working for said, “Why don’t you publish your own stuff?” It felt like a huge step to take, but they convinced me that I could produce good books and that I could do it. With my friend Shan onboard, I found that I really enjoyed making all the decisions (with Shan) and that I could write the books I wanted to write in the way I wanted to write them. I soon found that working on our own books felt so different to any publishing work I had done before. Every picture and every word feels so personal. Sometimes my head has to rule my heart and say: This book is finished! Otherwise I might just keep on going forever………..

Meet Shan