The Stone Age to the Bronze Age: The Lives of Ancient People

Step back in time to the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods and discover how stone age people lived in Britain and Europe. Meet stone age artists, hunter-gatherers, the first farmers and Otzi the Iceman. Explore the development of human technology and culture in Britain and Europe through the period known as the Bronze Age. This title supports the following Key Stage 2 History Learning Objectives: changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age; late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, for example Skara Brae; Bronze Age religion, technology and travel, for example, Stonehenge.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78856-031-3
  • Age Group: 7 years plus
  • Series: History Essentials
  • Author: Ruth Owen
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 280 x 210 mm
  • Curriculum Links: History, Non-fiction reading
Key Selling Features
• Riveting, fact-packed non-fiction reads • Perfect for use in class or for homework projects • Exciting digital reconstructions, illustrations and images of artefacts • Primary source evidence • Non-fiction features including: table of contents, labels and captions, glossary and index
Series Information
Series Name: History Essentials  
Step inside some of history's most influential and turbulent times with these visually stunning titles. Like the best TV documentaries, each book blends examinations of fascinating artefacts with reconstructions of key events and daily life. Drawing on the latest discoveries and evidence, these fast-paced, dramatic reads will bring history alive for Key Stage 2 students.