Corpses, Cats & Mouldy Cheese

Inside this book, meet 12 insects that take “home sweet home” to a whole new level. From cheese fly maggots that wriggle and crawl through blocks of cheese, to the tiny bloodsuckers that set up home on our pets, every page is packed with truly mind-boggling facts about some of the smallest members of the animal kingdom.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78856-000-9
  • Age Group: 7 years plus
  • Series: The Secret Lives of Insects
  • Author: Ruth Owen
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 210mm
  • Curriculum Links: Animals, Habitats, Hi-Lo reading, Insects, Life cycles, Non-fiction reading, Science, STEM
Key Selling Features
• Detailed macro photography • Facts that readers will want to share • Curriculum science in a fun, yucky package • Non-fiction features including: table of contents, labels and captions, glossary and index
Series Information
Series Name: The Secret Lives of Insects  
The lives and habits of insects can be truly incredible. Some, however, are so gross you probably won't even want to read about them. . . . Oh? You do? Then read on! Perfect for reluctant readers, this series delivers curriculum science in the creepiest, yuckiest way possible!