Inventors: Designing and Creating Tomorrow’s World

How can we remove plastic waste from the world’s oceans? What can be done to rebuild damaged coral reefs? And is it true that one day there might be a car that can also become a small plane? In this book we meet the inventors and engineers who are using their scientific skills to solve challenging problems and look at the exciting technology of the future. There is also a fun Q&A to help readers decide if becoming an inventor could be the career for them!

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78856-017-7
  • Age Group: 8 to 12 years
  • Series: Get To Work With Science and Technology
  • Author: Ruth Owen
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 254 x 203 mm
  • Curriculum Links: Careers, Design and technology, Non-fiction reading, Science, STEM
Key Selling Features
• High-interest non-fiction text • Suitable for Hi-Lo reading • Exciting behind-the-scenes photographic imagery • Diagrams and charts • A science project for kids to try • Non-fiction features including: table of contents, labels and captions, glossary and index
Series Information
Series Name: Get To Work With Science and Technology  
Written as narrative non-fiction, each book in this series combines core science information with firsthand accounts of everyday life as a scientist. From analysing data, to using tools and technology, kids will be excited to see how real-life scientists and engineers solve problems using the same scientific techniques that students will be studying and using in the classroom.