A Spiny Back and Green Scaly Skin (Iguana)

From a leathery, white egg, a tiny snout appears. Then a bright green head, skinny body, and a long, thin tail emerges. Who does this little baby belong to? The little creature hatching from her egg is a baby iguana, and one day this tiny reptile will be 1.2 metres long, with a powerful, muscular body – just like her mum and dad! As readers turn the pages, they will discover how a baby iguana is similar to and different from its parents. They will learn how baby iguanas find food and stay safe from predators. They will also see how the little lizard grows, changes and gets ready for her adult life in the trees of a rain forest.

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  • ISBN: 978-1-911341-59-8
  • Age Group: 5 years plus
  • Series: Ruby Tuesday Readers: Whose Little Baby Are You?
  • Book Band: Book Band Blue
  • Author: Ellen Lawrence
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 24
  • Dimensions: 170 x 140mm
  • Curriculum Links: Animals, Habitats, Life cycles, Non-fiction reading, Reptiles, Science
Key Selling Features
• Text developed by literacy experts • Beautiful photographs • Accessible, fun facts that kids will love • Unfamiliar vocabulary supported by images and labels • High frequency words • Picture glossary • Quiz and comprehension questions • Notes for parents and educators • FREE downloadable animal factfile for each book
Series Information
Series Name: Ruby Tuesday Readers: Whose Little Baby Are You?  Resources
This fun, book band blue series of reading books introduces emergent readers to some adorable baby animals. Not every new baby looks like its parents, so after meeting each little creature at the beginning of their book, kids will turn the page to discover who the baby animal belongs to. These books perfectly introduce the topics of reproduction and growth in animals and support the teaching of how animals have offspring which grow into adults.